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Kala Bandar Records presents:
Intercontinetal Transmissions volume 1
11 tracks of licensed, remastered, international craziness, none of them have been reissued in the US.
limited edition 500 lps with 2-sided, full color liner notes and 320k download card, available now! $15! +shipping
KaBa 001
email with questions: info@kalabandarrecords.com
for news, go here: kalabandarrecords.blogspot.com

If you are in Massachusetts, you can send me a check or use paypal:
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Or you can purchase just the download code with 320k mp3s with high res scans of art and liner notes:

Kala Bandar RecordsKala Bandar Records

Intercontinental Transmissions vol. 1 by Kala Bandar Records